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Shandong Meisen Artificial Lawn Co., Ltd
About Us
Shandong Meisen Artificial Lawn Co., Ltd.

Shandong Meisen Artificial Lawn Co., Ltd., located in Heze City, Shandong Province, covers an area of 50,000 square meters and has 6 production workshops. The factory has several advanced artificial turf tufting production equipment, artificial turf yarn production equipment and glue coating equipment that purchased from abroad. More than ten production lines. We are good at the production of various simulation artificial grass, sports turfs, leisure lawns, landscape grass lawns and grass yarns, with an annual production of 50 million tons of direct sales.

  • 50000Factory Area
  • 6Production Workshops
  • 50 Million Annual Production

Why Choose Artificial Grass

  • PE for the fiber
  • PP woven fabric for the primary backing
  • Mesh fabric for secondary backing
  • BSF glue for the coating backing
  • Tufting for the manufactour process
  • A perfect-looking lawn every day of the year
  • It looks and feels like real grass
  • No more fussing, digging or mowing
  • Kids can play without creating a mud bath
  • Perfect for dogs and other pets as it's easy to clean
  • Great if you're allergic to grass pollen
  • Your garden is always ready for entertaining or relaxing